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Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa

Music and Settings

Musical Setting for ANZPB - HKMOA page 404 Eucharist - Thanksgiving of the People of God (English text), by Rosemary Dewerse (can be used with acknowledgement):

The Lord is here 33.69 kB
Holy, holy, holy 35.80 kB
Glory to you 31.85 kB
Blessing, honour 28.77 kB


The Onewhero Mass - Musical Setting for ANZPB - HKMOA page 404 Eucharist - Thanksgiving of the People of God (Maori text), by Edward Prebble.

(can be used with acknowledgement, copyright held by Edward Prebble, not to be published commercially).

Tapu, tapu 18.90 kB


Whakapaingia 17.06 kB


Kororia 31.25 kB


Te whakapai 17.69 kB




Edward Prebble is available to speak about/ teach this resource. Contact: Edward Prebble <>.


Musical settings for the Eucharist (x3), from the Education for Liturgy Kit (tape 2)

Recording 70.34 MB


Musical Setting of Night Prayer -  by Thomas F. Elston, 2020



Musical Setting for the alternative Lord's Prayer on page 181 - by W. Thomas McKenney, 2023

NB if you wish to perform this work in public please contact the composer for permission


New Zealand Hymns to fit the Lectionary - from The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust (link below)


April-June 2016 Hymns suggested

July-Sept 2015 Hymns suggested

June-Sept 2014 Hymns suggested




Hymns and Liturgical Music by Bill Bennett:

Ngā Tāngata Tapu – Songs and hymns of the pioneers of faith, particularly in the Waiapu Diocese - $15

(a digital version of these songs and hymns is provided here, but any use of them must acknowledge the authorship of words and music by Bill Bennett, and a complete musical version can be ordered as below.)

Saints Praise – Songs and hymns commemorating the major saints of the Church (alternative tunes suggested) - $15

(Biographical and Worship Resources for these 'pioneers of faith' and 'major saints' can be found here:

Introits – SATB settings of the ANZPB/HKMOA sentences for each Sunday - $20

Singing the Eucharist - Simple congregational settings of all the Eucharists in the ANZPB - HKMOA - $20.

Gradual Praise – Hymns and songs based on the Gospel readings from the 3 year RCL, and covering the whole 3 year cycle. (Alternative tunes suggested) - $30

Choral settings of the Eucharist – of the ANZPB/HKMOA Eucharists for SATB with organ/piano/keyboard accompaniment - $10

All Costs (plus P&P)

Copies can be ordered from: Bill Bennett, 59 McGrath Street, Napier 4110


OR txt 027 3555 874


A Setting for LORD IT IS NIGHT (page 184)

By: Bruce Babcock, Pasadena, CA 91105-1519

Lord it is Night 202.86 kB


further setting for LORD IT IS NIGHT (page 184)

By David Harrison, 2023

Lord it is Night 335.22 kB


A Setting for ''A Prayer for People facing Great Uncertainty'' (page 747)

By: Justin Oei, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA 23185 (Reproduced with permission).

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